Meet the Trainer

Sandra Roosna, CCDT, FDM

I am a born and bred Estonian who shares a home with three couch-hoggers: Benny, Jess, and Waffles. 

My career path began during my undergrad years at Brooklyn College, where I worked as a dog handler and overnight attendant at dog daycares around New York City. I then went from managing daycares to working and volunteering in animal rescues in New York and Phoenix.

My ultimate goal is to transform this training journey into a nonprofit that provides behavioral rehabilitation services for dog rescues and low-cost training for families who are considering rehoming their pets so they can keep them as part of the family.

I put a strong emphasis on forming solid relationships between people and their pups. While treats and toys are great for building and maintaining engagement, the ongoing strengthening of bonds with your dog is what leads to a happy and harmonious life together.

When I work with dogs, I have fun with it, and I encourage their humans to do the same! I approach every case with compassion and sensitivity.



Brand Ambassador & Head of Puplick Relations


Barketing Manager


Office Mutterials Associate