My Philosophy

There are countless schools of dog training, ranging from fully positive to aggressive, intended to force dogs to "submit" into obedience. 

Having a background in biology and psychology, I am committed to employing strictly science-based methods that are fear-free, proven to change behavior, and improve the emotional state and overall well-being of dogs, as well as the relationship between them and their guardians.

I recognize and respect that every dog is an individual whose behavior is influenced by a combination of history, personality, health, genetics, and your social dynamic. I take my time to get to know your dog and individualize my training plans that focus on humane and non-confrontational techniques.

When working with your dog and coaching you, I strive  for:

 💜  Clarity

I will not simply coach you on how to train a behavior, I will help you understand why your dog is acting in the way they are. This will help you develop empathy and internalize the benefits of approaching a problem a certain way.

 💜  Communication

You will learn to read your dog's body language to recognize what they are trying to tell you.

You will learn how to communicate with your dog what behaviors are off-limits and what would you like them to do instead, without using fear or intimidation.

 💜  Trust

Maintain consistency in your training to achieve reliable results, so you can trust your dog to make the right decisions on their own. 

Ensure that your dog has complete and total trust in you, by consistently using methods that are highly rewarding to your pup, and assuring that you have their back no matter what. Using punitive tactics can teach your dog that you are unpredictable, leading to undesirable results and a dent in your relationship.

 💜  Relevancy 

Teach your pup that you are more interesting and relevant than anything else in the environment. It pays off to pay attention to you, always.

Every dog is a good dog. Let's work together to unleash the best in yours!