With over 60% of pet dogs in the U.S. being terrified of fireworks, the upcoming holiday is a stressful and frustrating time for many of us pet guardians and our pets.

Let's talk about how you can prepare your dog for the 4th of July:

💜 Keep your pets indoors. Even if your dog is good about staying near their home and is not a fence climber, the presence of something scary elicits a flight response... Keep reading>>

Let's Talk Potty Training

By Sandra Roosna / June 14, 2022

Whether you just got a new puppy or adopted an older dog, you will likely run into moments here and there where your pup gets a little confused and has an accident indoors. Accidents happen and are a part of the potty training process! Your puppy is not going to have full bladder control until they are about 20 weeks old. So a little patience and understanding will go a... Keep reading>>

By Sandra Roosna / May 26, 2022

Let’s talk muzzles!

What was your reaction seeing a picture of Benny in a muzzle?

Muzzle training is a controversial topic in the dog world. When we see a dog in a muzzle, we can’t help but to assume there are some aggressive tendencies there. We also tend to be worried about the dog’s quality of life... Keep reading>>

(the Leash, That Is)

By Sandra Roosna / May 3, 2022

You may have heard yourself say one of the following: “He only barks at other dogs when he’s on leash”; “he always stays by my side when he’s off-leash, but pulls like a maniac as soon as the lead goes on”; or “he’s very polite on leash on his own, but starts pulling when he walks with his siblings.”

Dogs are not born with innate leash-walking skills, and... Keep reading>>

By Sandra Roosna / April 22, 2022

Want a solid recall?

Teach the Hand Target & pay attention to your body movements

The Hand Target is the #1 behavior I recommend to my clients to teach their dog(s). Here’s why:

💜 It is a fantastic way to teach recall.

💜 It encourages your... Keep reading>>


Establish a relationship with your dog.

Your relationship is the basis for trust and safety. It is what helps your dog to recognize that YOU make the right decisions, so they don't feel the need to step up to the plate when a situation may call for it (what we define as "misbehavior").... Keep reading>>